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Beth- Brittany
Beth- Brittany

My name is Brittany but a lot of you know me as Beth. I help those who want a deeper sense of belonging and a voice that's truly heard.

I am a fun-loving, energetic lady who loves life. I enjoy reading, writing, and spending quality time with my family. For several years, I have been dedicated to life coaching, providing empathetic support, finding joy in assisting others, and offering a listening ear.

A unique fact about me is that I navigate life with a disability, using only one hand. Despite this challenge, I am excellent at typing with a single hand, and my power wheelchair is a valuable asset in my daily life.

Should you need a compassionate listener or someone to share your thoughts and feelings with, I am here for you!

Remember, you are not alone in your struggles; everyone deserves to be heard! By the end of our call, you will feel more connected and less alone in what you go through.